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    Accounts Update for the former Women’s Alliance

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    Accounts Update for the former Women’s Alliance During May this year, it became apparent following a financial audit, that a significant amount of funds belonging to both NORML UK and the former Women’s Alliance had not been banked by the former treasurer for both organisations, who was not Chris Bovey. This was in relation to…

  • Norml Women's Alliance at Product Earth
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    Product Earth Hemp Expo 2016

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    The UK’s biggest Hemp expedition was back once more for what could only be described as an amazing success. An expedition which features talks from medical cannabis users, hemp farmers, activists and even neuro researchers; Product Earth is clearly a weekend event for the ‘productive stoner’. Add to that good music and traders from all…

  • End Whose Pain?
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    End Whose Pain?

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    I have long been passionate about drug law reform and for a long time the main focus of my energy was directed towards the regulation of cannabis for all. This did not mean a select few with health conditions and nor did it mean for recreational use only. I envisaged a scenario whereby everyone could…

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    Scheduling Sativex (cannabis) spray

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    Scheduling Sativex cannabis Originally Posted on NORML UK website on March 30, 2013 By Jo Martin Let me get this straight … and this is really going to confuse many tabloid readers, the Government confirms that Sativex (which is made from whole cannabis) has medicinal benefits and has issued a Scheduling notice for Sativex, which…

  • Michelle X on Channel 5
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    Arrest of UK Cannabis Activist

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    Arrest of UK Cannabis Activist for Medical Cannabis Cultivation by Seshata and Sarah Dougan Without cannabis, Michelle X was wheelchair-bound. She was first arrested for cultivation of cannabis back in 2013, at which time she received a caution. Michelle is a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer and has the full support of her neurologist for her self-medication…

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    Jodie and Marc Emery UK tour 2014

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    Jodie and Marc Emery UK tour 2014, a review of the event in Manchester, by Sarah Jones It feels odd to be sat in the same room where a few years ago I was inspired by lectures on poets and playwrights. The subject of this evening’s talk is rather different. Tonight, in this lecture theatre…

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